JDM Mystery Subscription Box by Montu Motors

Premium Subscription Box Curated for the JDM Enthusiast

Each month (or quarterly), Montu Motors will ship a mystery box with ONE high-end JDM accessory or apparel from Japan. It could be a cool shirt, hat, model car, you never know! We typically sprinkle in small Japanese culture goodies for extra fun!

The idea behind the JDM Subscription Box is to make it easier for you to get great, authentic Japanese items easily with minimal effort.

We source premium products that we love from Japan and carefully package them into a monthly (or quarterly) delivery so you can enjoy all the fun of Japanese car culture without having to spend hours searching through online stores or physically flying to stores in Japan.

Often times, the items we find are not found or available in USA, which makes them that much more special!

Shipping Timeline

Your first JDM Subscription Box ordered before:
- 12/31/22 will ship in February
- 01/31/23 will ship in March
- 02/28/23 will ship in April

Additional JDM Subscription Boxes will ship on the 1st of each subsequent month.
(Quarterly subscriber boxes will ship quarterly based on the date of the first shipment)


What comes in a JDM Mystery Subscription Box?
That's part of the fun! As the description states, we curate a premium product every month aimed to resonate with anyone passionate about JDM automotive culture!

What's the difference between the monthly and quarterly subscription?
Monthly subscribers are billed monthly and receive a box each month. Quarterly subscribers are billed every 3 months and receive a box every 3 months. The monthly subscriber and quarterly subscriber, in any given month, will receive the same box of JDM goodies.

Why does shipping take so long?
Once your subscription payment is made, the process starts. We purchase products in Japan for all our subscribers, transport them to our shipping facility in USA and package them for individual delivery to your door. Depending on the day of month you subscribe, you'll typically wait between 30-60 days for your first JDM Subscription Box to ship. After that, you won't notice the lag time since you'll receive your box at your regular interval!

How do I know I will like what comes in the box?
After subscribing, we'll send you an email with a Google Form. The google form requests personal preferences, including items you'd be excited to receive. We analyze the feedback from all our subscribers to make sure we deliver the best experience possible.

What's the total value of each subscription box?
Our goal is to deliver more value than the subscription costs. When we combine all our subscribers, we essentially have a group of buyers. After finding the ideal products, we contact the respective suppliers to see if we can facilitate a group buy at a discounted price; this allows us to purchase products at below retail prices. Until we build these partnerships and gain critical mass, we'll be spending as close to a 12-month average cost of $50 per box as possible. That means there's minimal to no profit margin for us. We'll worry about profit margins after we ensure all our subscribers are happy. We understand it can take months or even years to build the momentum needed to turn a profit; that's ok, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

How can you operate with minimal to no profit margin?
We need to get to a critical mass to be able to negotiate for significant discounts from suppliers. We feel the fastest path to get there is to invest everything into our customers to make it so they're so happy, they feel inclined to share their experience. As we grow our subscribers, we can get even better products for the same cost to even further the customer experience. At some point, we believe we'll hit a critical mass where we're giving so much value, that we can start to introduce some profit margins without impacting the customer experience. We are also a very small team and each of us have day jobs, so we aren't leaning on the profits to pay our bills.

What do I do if I get charged for my second monthly payment but I haven't received my first box yet?
It's best to be patient. The first box can take 30-60 days to ship. For monthly subscribers, it's possible you'll be charged the second monthly payment before receiving your first box. You haven't missed out because the process for your second box has initiated, you can expect a more timely & consistent delivery schedule on-going so long as your subscription stays active.

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You will receive any outstanding JDM Subscription Boxes that are already paid for but not shipped.

Can I get a refund after making payment?
We curate products from across the world specifically for each subscriber. Due to the lead times of paying for products and receiving them in USA to then ship to each subscriber, we're not able to offer refunds for any previous payments. You can, however, cancel your subscription at any time.

I put the wrong address and someone else received my package; what can I do?
Unfortunately there's nothing we can do in this instance. It's extremely important that you accurately provide your correct mailing address during check-out, and you update accordingly with any changes.

Can I change my mailing address?
Yes, you can change it here in your profile. If you have any issues, then contact us and we'll happily update your profile for you.

Do you ship internationally?
No, we only ship to USA mailing addresses at this time.

Can I buy this as a gift for someone else?
Yes, make sure to use the physical mailing address of the person your buying the gift for. After purchasing, you can immediately cancel your subscription so you don't get billed for future subscription payments or you may keep it active for as long as you wish and cancel at any time.

Who is Montu Motors?
We started in 2014 as a JDM importer and automotive dealer that ultimately imported over 400 JDM cars into USA based on the 25 year exemption rule. Over the years, we took trips to Japan to visit car auctions, auto dealers, and parts/accessories stores; we got deep into JDM culture. Each car we imported had random items inside; often times, those items blew our minds. We liquidated the car dealership in December 2022, got day jobs and pivoted to offering this JDM Mystery Subscription Box. We want to share the amazing feeling we got each time we opened the doors to a freshly imported JDM car, the excitement to find what little, never before seen, JDM goodies were hidden inside.

How do I Subscribe to the JDM Mystery Subscription Box?
Choose your preferred frequency (Monthly or Quarterly) then hit subscribe to be taken to the check-out page. You'll be asked for your clothing sizes (for months that we're shipping apparel) during check-out.

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JDM Mystery Subscription Box by Montu Motors